Large Scented Heart Freesia du Cap



Large scented heart in silvery openwork brass, containing solid perfume- model to hang or to put down, decorated with an elegant velvet ribbon.

Presented in a prestige velvet case

Size: 8 cm x 8 cm

This elegant heart will perfume the small spaces of your interior. The solid fragrance is strongly concentrated in a vegetable wax base.

These solid fragrances are hand-crafted in our workshop.

Fragrance duration: 1 year minimum.

The solid fragrance does not disappear, its fragrance gradually decreases.

Refillable with the Coffret 4 cœur de parfum solide or the Recharge 10 cœur de parfum solide.

Precautions for use: - Do not expose the products to heat, Do not put them in a car, near a radiator or in a sunny window, Risk of melting

Coeurgm velours Freesia
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