Professional fragrance diffuser

Olfactory Marketing: for the olfactory signature of your shop, hotel or reception

Olfactory marketing, why?

To arouse the emotion of your visitors and leave a positive and lasting impression on them… to capture their attention and their memory!

For this we offer our professional perfume diffuser.

It allows to diffuse perfumes Autour du Parfum for volumes of 300m3.

Its technology?

Our professional diffuser uses the principle of nanotechnology. It adopts the world’s most advanced TWIN FLUID atomization technology: By injection of pressurized air, it transforms the oils into microparticles, then uses a rotation accelerator that transforms them into nanoscale particles. It effectively perfumes your spaces of 100m2/ 300m3.

And for your overall olfactory signature Professional diffuser fragrances are also available in solid perfume, volcanic stones and alcohol.

Complete your olfactory signature, for example by spraying home perfume on your shop bags or on your tissue paper. If you are a hotel, perfume the sheets and towels. Arrange an elegant bouquet diffuser to perfume the room, or offer a pillow mist to the smell of your hotel!

For any question or request, do not hesitate to contact us!