copy of Eau de Parfum Poudre d'Iris


Vanille Tonka

Oriental  Sweet Fragrance

Head: Bergamot

Heart and Background: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Tolu Balm, Benzoin, Fir Balsam, Incense

This is the story of the gourmet and warm Vanilla.

Magician of the tropics, it captivates with its enveloping richness.

And Tonka Bean, black seed of the Amazonian forests with rich woody, balsam, honeydew and almond facets.

A contrasting scent that starts with fruity bergamot, with the warm heart of Tolu and Benzoin balms mingling with Vanilla delicacy, the sophistication of the Tonka Bean and finally the captivating mystery of incense.

An incredible, sensual, racy, haunting and extremely feminine perfume!

EDP Vanille
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