Bijou de sac Velours Patchouli


Bag jewel with bracelet charms, made of silvery metal, decorated with an elegant green velvet ribbon, to tie on your handbag, filled with Patchouli solid perfume.

Presented in its velvet elegant case, a very sophisticated and feminine present!

Size of the heart: 4 cms x 4 cms

Length of the jewel: 11 cms

Olfactory description

Patchouli Borobudur

Symbolic perfume : the patchouly leaf becomes " the flower power " in the 70s, it is the first time when a plant with perfume became so strictly bound to a cultural and social movement : to a death and a birth of society. Its beautiful amber dress offers a powerful and shrouding perfume, the power of this leaf has the perfume of a wood, associated with the oakmoss, with the wood of cedar and with a departure bergamot, it becomes chypre. The fusion of a new freedom and a tradition: it is the patchouly which joins to the elegance of a chypre fragrance.

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